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Introductory -

1. Entrance fees for registration in Verlvi is Rs. 1000, 1200/- (Home Page Snap ), 1500 ( Home Page Snap, Paper Add ). Ordinary registration fee is 1500/- (for NRIs and Second Marriage). Once registered the fees are not refundable for any reasons.

2. Marriages arranged through Verlvi is entitled to a service charge of Rs. 10000/-. The service charge equals to Rs. 15000/- for persons belonging to financially sound category, NRI's, Professionals, Nurses and employees in European countries.

3. Duration of registration fees continues until the registrant gets married. Contact with the office is to be made at least once in a month. Those who rarely contact are not liable to submit any complaints against unavailability of our services.

4. There is no guarantee for any particular marriage or marriage within a time limit. We serve to keep the details of registrant with us and make available for those who search for partners, until the marriage of the particular registrant. If by any reason the registrant gets married, it should be informed to the concern. The firm is not responsible for any difficulties arisen out of without informing the same.

5. For reasons necessary the firm is authorized to advertise the details of the registrant through visual, hearing, newspaper and website medias.

6. Cash payment receipt for the service charge should be taken on the marriage engagement day itself without any deductions.

7. The registration will be completed only when we get the "Downloadable application form" in particular duly filled up



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